Earn valuable rewards every time you shop!

The Mutts Rewards Program lets you earn credit and redeem rewards on any participating product or service we offer. For every $200 you spend in our store, you earn a 3% credit that can be used on a future purchase. Participating purchases include all products and services except all forms of dog and cat food.  Worried about not getting credit for your pet food purchases?  Don’t fret – we take care of you there with our Frequent Buyer Program.

And it is so easy to join!

Just sign up in-store by supplying your name, e-mail, address and phone number. You can also enroll by signing up for our monthly newsletter (click here to sign-up). There are no cards to carry or receipts to mail in. We keep track of your purchases and when you have earned a reward coupon, it will be automatically printed at the end of your qualifying transaction and ready for use towards your next purchase! While dog and cat food purchases will not count in your rewards balance, you are free to use any rewards coupon towards the purchase of these items. nSee program terms and conditions below, or ask a team member for information during your next visit.

Mutts Rewards Program Terms and Conditions:

The Mutts Rewards Program is open to any Mutts & Co. customers who choose to sign up for our program. There is no cost to join. Mutts & Co. reserves the right to amend or modify the Mutts Rewards program at any time and in any way. This includes our right to adjust the amount of credit earned for each dollar spent and our right to discontinue benefits and void credits if certain criteria are not met. Mutts & Co. will never sell or provide any customer information to anyone other than 3rd parties who may be involved in processing transactions or fulfilling benefits. Mutts & Co. reserves the right to cancel your participation in the Mutts Rewards program in the event of fraud, abuse of reward privileges, or violation of terms and conditions. Customer is responsible for supplying appropriate account information at time of checkout, including name and email address, to accrue credits towards earning Mutts Rewards coupon. Mutts & Co. cannot assume liability for inaccuracies in account balances if appropriate information is not given at time of checkout. Currently, rewards are given on net purchases of participating products and services of $200 or more., exclusive of sales tax. Mutts & Co. associates may not join the program or accrue points while they are an associate receiving an associate discount on purchases. Associates who may have accrued rewards before becoming employed by Mutts & Co. are allowed to redeem any rewards, but are not eligible to use their associate discount on that transaction.

More Fine Print…

Mutts rewards are given in the amount of a $6.00 reward coupon for every $200 spent pre-tax in our store on qualifying products and services. All products and services with the exception of all forms of dog and cat food are included. Mutts reward coupon will be printed at the close of a transaction once the reward balance exceeds 200 points. Any reward coupons not redeemed prior to the expiration date will be invalid with no exceptions. Reward coupons will expire at midnight on the 45th day from the print date. Mutts & Co. does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen reward coupons and will be unable to replace them beyond the expiration date. Reward coupons may not be applied to past purchases and are non-transferrable, non-refundable and have no cash value. Mutts & Co. does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen reward coupons and will be unable to replace them beyond the expiration date. We apologize for any inconvenience. Any unprocessed reward points and the associated benefits will be forfeited 12 months after issuance date. Customers who ask to be removed from our system will forfeit any points and associated benefits.