Mathie Pack takes on the Beco Line

The Mathie Pack was brave enough to take on multiple products from the beco line! So not only does this review encompass multiple products, you also get view points from multiple animals. Overall, the pack gave the products an average of 4.5 paws! That seems pretty incredible that the whole pack could agree on all the products.


Let’s break down each product, complete with questions, individual grades, photos, and even some video!








What is the product name? becoball
What type of product? toy, interactive feeding toy
Is this being used to solve an issue with your pet? No, but it helps keep them mentally stimulated and work for their food
First impressions: good size, easy to clean, seems sturdy, all the dogs were excited to see it especially when I got the treats out to place in it.
Lasting impressions: I like it, the dogs all liked it. I have other versions of it so I allowed all the dogs to try it at different times. I like how you can make it harder or easier by placing smaller or larger treats in it. It is very functional for my dogs that aren’t as experienced with interactive toys to the ones that figure out the most difficult ones quickly.
Things loved about the product: Everything about it. The shape makes it easy to fill without it rolling all over the place, this was probably my favorite thing about it. It kept my dogs entertained and held up well. Very easy to clean (better than any of the others I have). They liked it as a treat dispenser and to play fetch with. I like how it can have multiple purposes.
Things you would change: nothing. Except maybe make it larger (I was given the XL) and I imagine for dogs larger than mine (danes, newfies, etc) that it could be a choking risk. Also, it doesn’t fit a ton of food so my dogs that are on special diets and can’t have treats were able to empty it quickly since I can’t make their kibble larger…not a factor for my dogs that do not have allergies.
Would you recommend it to another dog friend? Yes
Does this have a chance of becoming a staple product for your dog? Yes, we love interactive toys
Any product you can compare it to? Again, yes but not the same materials…I really like what this ball is made with and the shape.
Overall grade! 5/5