Q:My dog is matted and I don't want him shaved.
A: We have a firm policy that we will not submit pets to stresses caused by lengthy grooming sessions or procedures that may aggravate age, joint and or health related conditions. Dogs with extensive grooming needs require more grooming time per visit, which can exhaust their ability to cooperate and increase their discomfort, and ultimately lead to behavioral problems. Depending on the severity of the matting, we may be able to accomplish what you desire. If the matting is severe and next to the skin, the most humane option is almost always to perform a shorter cut so that we can start with a clean palette. With proper at-home maintenance, it is possible to keep your pets coat the desired length. Please talk to us about your goals, and we will work with you on recommending the appropriate tools and techniques to achieve them.
Q:My dog does not like certain areas to be touched. How will you handle that?
A: We use only safe handling techniques at Mutts & Co. We will try to safely complete the groom. If we feel that cannot be accomplished without causing undue stress to the pet, we may ask that you pick up your pet and bring them in for a follow-up visit so that we can continue the process. If, after repeated attempts, we cannot provide you with the service you requested we will consult with you on other options for maintaining your pets' skin and coat health.
Q:Why was I charged a “difficult dog” fee?
A: We aren't picking on our more challenging customers….we love them all! However, when dealing with “difficult dogs” it often requires more than 1 person to manage through the grooming process. This takes us away from our other clients, and therefore requires us to charge an additional fee starting at $5 which could go as high as $20.
Q:My pet does not like to be groomed. Will this be a problem?
A: We find that our grooming process – start to finish – typically works very well for dogs deemed “difficult” or “uncooperative”. As long as they do not show aggression, we will work with them to foster acceptance of the process. The best conditioning happens at home and can be achieved by twice weekly “grooming” sessions. These sessions should include brushing of feet, ears and face and lots of handling of legs, tail and body. You can make these sessions enjoyable by providing treat rewards. This will help to alleviate the stress and fear that is often associated with a trip to the groomer. It's never too late to start this process at home and great results can be achieved through consistency.
Q:When should my puppy have its first groom?
A: Consult your veterinarian to determine when it is appropriate to have your puppy groomed. First “puppy” grooms typically take place between 8-12 weeks of age. The earlier you expose your puppy to the grooming process, the greater the opportunity to create a positive association and acceptance of the process for them.
Q:Do you groom aggressive dogs and cats?
A: At Mutts & Co., the safety and well-being of your pet is our top priority. We will consult with owners to determine if we can safely groom their pet without risking injury to the pet or staff.
Q:Do you sedate pets?
A: We do not sedate pets and believe that sedation should be performed under the supervision of a veterinarian. We are happy to discuss safe alternatives to traditional sedation that may improve the overall experience for your pet. These might include an early morning appointment, use of calming aromatherapy grooming products or the use of noise diminishing hoods, etc. Please discuss your concerns with us at the time of the appointment so that we can work with you on finding a safe solution.
Q:How soon can i get an appointment for my pet?
A: To ensure that you are able to book an appointment at a time that works best for you, it is recommended that you book at least 3 weeks in advance. It is highly recommended that you schedule appointments in advance at regular intervals, as recommended by your groomer (example – every 6 weeks). This will insure you get the appointment times that you want and that your pet is being maintained exactly the way you want them to be. For your convenience, you can book your appointment online or call us at 614-792-9212. Links to complete all required grooming forms can be found here.
Q:I have to work so will not be able to pick up my dog until the end of the day.
A: Since we are a cage-free environment, we do not have the facilities to hold our clients beyond their grooming appointments. This helps us ensure that your pet has a positive experience, reduces stress for them and helps us to maintain a safe environment. If immediate pick-up is not an option for you, we would be happy to recommend another grooming service that has the capability of kenneling their clients.
Q:What products do you use on my pet?
A: We've spent a great deal of time finding safe, all-natural, chemical free or organic products for use in our facility. The products we've located offer many health benefits and allow us to tailor their use to your pets' specific needs. Our products address issues such as dandruff, dry skin, inflammation, hot spots and anxiety. Please speak with us about any of these issues that your pet may have so that we can use the product which is best suited to your pets needs.