Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Mutts and Co. Grooming or Self-Serve Dog Wash? Want to know about our policies or figure out how our Rewards Programs work? We’ve got you covered. Click on the links below to filter answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Mutts and Co. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us at our contact page and we’ll get back to you with the answers.


Q:What are your grooming hours?
A: We strive to be flexible and accommodating for our clients and therefore offer extended weekday and weekend grooming hours. Appointments can be made as early as 8 am and as late as 7:00 pm, depending on the day and service requested.
Q:How often should my pet be groomed?
A: Regular grooming is as important to your pets overall health as regular veterinary care, and can help prevent stress and minimize the discomfort that often comes with less frequent grooming. Most pets should be groomed every 4-6 weeks, depending on breed, coat type and level of at home maintenance. Our Spa Bath package is an ideal option between Full Service Spa or Mini Spa appointments to help minimize matting.
Q:Do you use cage dryers?
A: At Mutts & Co. your pets' safety is our priority. Therefore, we do not use cage dryers but choose to take the extra time to dry manually with a forced air dryer.
Q:Where can I see a complete listing of your grooming services?
A: Please visit our Grooming page for a full listing of services.
Q:Why didn't my pet receive the gland expression during their grooming appointment?
A: As a complementary service, we include an external gland expression as part of every grooming package. If we feel that we cannot safely perform this service without risking injury to the gland, it will not be performed, and we will direct you to your veterinarian.
Q:What vaccinations do you require?
A: For the health and safety of our pets and others, Mutts & Co. requires all pets entering our facilities to be up to date on rabies vaccinations. Documentation or verbal confirmation from your veterinarian will need to be provided prior to the grooming service being performed. Sorry, but we cannot accept rabies tags as proof of vaccinations.
Q:How long does a grooming appointment take?
A: While some dogs really enjoy the grooming process, the reality is that most don't. Therefore we strive to minimize the amount of time that your pet spends in our care. When you make your grooming appointment, either over the phone or online, you will be given an estimated grooming time for your pet. Grooming times may be longer or shorter than estimated depending on factors such as coat condition or how your pet reacts to the grooming process. We will do our best to communicate with you regarding changes to the estimated grooming times that we have given you throughout the process. And, for your convenience, we will phone you 15 minutes prior to completion to let you know it is time to pick up your pet.
Q:Do you sedate pets?
A: We do not sedate pets and believe that sedation should be performed under the supervision of a veterinarian. We are happy to discuss safe alternatives to traditional sedation that may improve the overall experience for your pet. These might include an early morning appointment, use of calming aromatherapy grooming products or the use of noise diminishing hoods, etc. Please discuss your concerns with us at the time of the appointment so that we can work with you on finding a safe solution.
Q:Can I stay while my pet is being groomed?
A: For the safety of your pet, we request that you observe from a location in the store where you cannot be seen or heard by your pet. This will keep your pet from getting excited and wiggling around during the grooming process, which can be particularly dangerous when our groomers are working on certain areas of the body. We will be happy to keep you updated on the progress of your pet throughout the process.
Q:What products do you use on my pet?
A: We've spent a great deal of time finding safe, all-natural, chemical free or organic products for use in our facility. The products we've located offer many health benefits and allow us to tailor their use to your pets' specific needs. Our products address issues such as dandruff, dry skin, inflammation, hot spots and anxiety. Please speak with us about any of these issues that your pet may have so that we can use the product which is best suited to your pets needs.